It's a sign! Someone built a cairn on my thinking spot on the Pleasanton Ridge.

We’ve all had them, those gut feelings or a sixth sense about something. Or, that moment when you thought of someone and they called or came by to see you. It’s our intuition guiding us on our path.

My favorite author, Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist and, most recently, Aleph) refers to these as signs. It’s a common thread that has been embroidered in the tapestry of his works. In a recent podcast he explains that the language of signs is unique to each person and that if we tune into them it’s as if the Universe is speaking directly to us, conspiring to bring us to our highest good. At times, this may look entirely differently than our egos would want. So we ignore the nudges and omens being lobbed at us, taking wrong turns or ending up at a dead end. Paulo assures that it’s okay to make mistakes when learning a new language.

I’ve been guilty of not following the signs, a lot. Recently I have noticed that the more I tune in, life flows and seems to be in its perfect place.

What are some signs that you notice or which speak to you?


2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Thank you, WillowWhispers!

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