what boat do you need to burn?

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I had an entirely different post planned for today. But….one of my favorite blogs/websites DanielleLaPorte.com  posed one of her burning questions today which I felt compelled to answer.

What boat do you need to burn?

The boat I need to burn is the identity I’ve been carrying around. Ya know, the suburban, single-mom, 9-5 worker in a totally homogonized community that is very nice but often hasn’t meshed with my personality. A new me has been emerging of late. Perhaps it’s the real me, hidden under a mantel that needed to be there for the time and space that it took up. Growth and expansion are critically important to me. Soon my fledgling will be leaving the nest, spreading his wings to form his own new identity outside the protected walls of home and highschool. So too it is time for me to move forward, break free of the chrysallis-like life that has been our cocoon and safety net. Necessary sacrifices, bargains and deals made for the growth and development of a fine young man.

Now it’s time to blaze away that which no longer serves. I am too much an adventurer to be tethered to old ways of living and thinking. I will carry a new me wherever I go, confident in the reality that a fixed space doesn’t make me who I am. And, just as when I carried him in my womb, I am only a heartbeat and breath away; I am in him and he is in me.


One thought on “what boat do you need to burn?

  1. Peggy McCafferty says:

    This is the Awakening For All Parents: to let their Beloved Bird fly from the nest to prove his/her individuality and self-sufficiency; to let go so the may find their higher selves!
    Now we, too, as Parents are on the threshold of freedom — to develop from the caterpillar through various stages into amazing butterflies — to express our own uniqueness and individuality! We are ready and open to receive and embrace our good, as well. PMcCafferty

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