Why I Run

I’ve never been a competitive runner. It’s just the one activity I’ve always enjoyed doing. Even at 5am. Even in the rain. Even if it’s only 32 degrees outside (yep it gets that cold where I live in California and I’m not even in the mountains).Running is the only beauty/health product I need: it keeps my skin clear, my hair shiny, my mind focused, mood bright, helps me sleep better, body firm, blood pressure low (90/60), eating habits healthy (you start to crave things like frozen grapes instead of popsicles).

That runner’s high really does exist. If you’re a runner you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, imagine feeling like you are one with the pavement, everything else around you disappears and all there is is the sound of your breath and heartbeat in your head; you start to not even feel your feet on the ground because you are the ground, you are the air, you aren’t running you are the run.

And I’ve missed it all. Because I love it so much, sometimes I overdo. It’s been weeks since I last ran. I got hurt and have had to rehab my aging body (even though I’ve always taken care of myself, parts start to wear out and are slow to heal). It’s been a long hiatus and I’m itching to get back into it.

Today I’m meeting with a friend, who is a running coach, to help me get my running legs back. I’m beside myself with excitement. I want to be swift, free and unbridled moving through space and time as if nothing else exists.


4 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. I love this comment; “you aren’t running you are the run”. I am not musically inclined at all. However, I love to dance, just free style.. and I have said ” I don’t know music, I can’t play or sing music… but when I dance “I AM THE MUSIC”. Nicely said! Be well… I love what you write.

  2. peggymccafferty says:

    Good luck on your run!! I see it taking you to a higher level — quickening your recovery to your health, ageless self.


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