The Easter Bunny Wears Pink Running Shoes…

…a white Lycra running skort and a grey Gore-Tex jacket. Really!

Yesterday, Easter was celebrated worldwide. Traditions abound and are as varied as there are people. Reverent church services, fancy brunches and elaborate dinners were laid out. More baskets overflowing with candies galore than one could possibly count were assembled and frilly frocks and spit-polished shoes were donned all in the name of heralding the renewal of spring and the risen savior.

As a March baby, my birthday has on occasion fallen on Easter. Imagine the thrill as a child of having the Easter Bunny visit you on your birthday! My Dad reveled in the holidays and Easter was no exception. We’d color hard-boiled eggs and the “Easter Bunny” would hide them for our treasure-hunting delight.

Now that my son is grown, he humors me less over the eggs and basket tradition that I’ve tried to carry on. So now on Easter Sunday the tradition is a sunrise hike. This year, as we set out at the trailhead, we passed a runner decked out in her Easter “finery” carrying a bright satchel. Sort of odd for a runner to be carrying anything, but we soon discovered why. As we worked our way along the switchbacks through the woodland trail, we spied the running “Easter Bunny’s” handiwork—spangled streamers marking the direction of the trail and decorated plastic eggs nested in the grassy edges. Soon we found pink glitter bedazzled carrots with crepe paper tops hanging from low branches on the trees. All along the trail for miles we giggled as every turn revealed another bunny treat.

When we returned to the staging area after our hike, we discovered that this wasn’t a child’s fantasy find day. It was a grown-up Easter egg hunt for a group of die-hard runners celebrating in a unique way. What a fun challenge; the first mile of the trail is straight up and the hilly climb is not for the faint of heart. I think next year I’ll start a new Easter tradition with a running Easter egg hunt.


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