Be Strong. Be Flexible.

My mom always told me I had a tough exterior. On the outside I was strong, inside I was mush. One of those who is always caving to the whims of my heart, the underdogs and a charming smile.


TaiJi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be strong you must be flexible yet in order to be flexible you must be strong. Out of balance you break; out of balance the ability to remain fluid is lost. 

Strength and flexibility are a yin yang relationship. Both are necessary to have the tenacity to weather the storms of life, but also be able bend like the willow when the winds lash at your limbs.

My running injury was caused by this imbalance. I had strength. I also had flexibility. But the strength I possessed caused the overly flexible spots to weaken further. I needed to add strength to my hips and glutes to compensate for overly strong quads and hamstrings. I needed to add flexibility to my lower back, which was seized up by the imbalance of the very implements I used to be able to run well. Restoring balance, regaining that yin yang, has been slow yet urgently necessary.

In life, being too flexible means not asserting what you truly desire for yourself or for your life. Constantly bending to meet the needs of others can leave one bent out of shape or too wishy-washy to stand firm for core values. It can also leave you exhausted as you get pulled and jostled about because you aren’t standing strong; firmly on your path. You go off willy-nilly on the path of least resistance.

Just as being too flexible can create chaos in remaining balanced, asserting your strength aggressively, having too firm a grip, or needlessly putting up walls can prevent the sort of openness one needs to feel connected to the flow of life. Too many things bounce off or are deflected. Overly strong, you resist the pull of the Universe offering to fill you up with the good things that you may need in your life.

“Strength is defined not by what you can resist, but by how much you can expand.” ~ Terri Trespicio

Strength balanced by flexibility fosters that expansion. It allows one to grow to meet whatever challenge is presented. Have roots, but also have wings.


7 thoughts on “Be Strong. Be Flexible.

  1. PS–Just quoted you on twitter 😉 (@c_hosny)

  2. Thank you for the great post…Exactly what I needed today, for some reason! 🙂 I love your ending sentence…it really resonates with me.

    Cheers to you!

  3. iRuniBreathe says:

    Hi SVF, Glad to have found your blog. It’s got a great ‘feel’ to it.
    In life, as in running, we need to create balance with what we are given. We can notice when things are easy and we are ‘in the flow’ or ‘in the zone,’ and how things change when we resist. Being aware and mindful of our different emotions can provide us with clues as to what we are creating. Where is our strength if we are clenching or holding on, and where is our flexibility if we are overcompensating or giving up? Thanks for the reminder today.

  4. nokotahorse says:

    Great written, think you are on to something there 🙂

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