Stories from Childhood

My dad was a natural storyteller. He used to weave all sorts of yarns for us when we were kids. He did this to help us relate to the world around us and chronicle our childhood in a magical way.

As we got older, he put them to paper. I don’t think he fancied himself an author, but one of the greatest gifts he gave to me was this memory in published form when my own son was small.

While endeavoring to clean-up and out my son’s room preparing for his moving on to college, I unearthed this gem from my dad…

“Suzi Salina the Enchanted Starfish”

By A. R. McCafferty

Suzi Salina was a lonesome little starfish, who wandered all around the bottom of the ocean. She was trying very hard to find something IMPORTANT to do! But she didn’t know what…

Could she become a bright flashing stoplight in a Fish City? Or, could she become a startire on a Fishline Bus? Oh, what was she to do? No one seemed to have a job for a poor little starfish. Suzi felt sad and alone. Nobody in the whole ocean seemed to care.

Then one day, when the sun had gone down and Suzi Salina was just floating on the ocean waves, a strong wind suddenly swept her high, high up into the sky…”What’s happening?” gulped frightened, little Suzi Salina. Just then the Enchanted Wind whispered gently. “Suzi Salina, you are really very much loved by everyone. You have always been kind and helpful to all who needed you. Now, your friends have chosen you for a Very Special Job.” Suzi was so excited! She wondered what job it could possibly be!

Soon the Enchanted Wind touched her gently and suddenly, Suzi Salina was shining brightly like a diamond in the dark night. She was SO HAPPY! Now, whenever you look up in the sky on a clear night, you can see her there shining in happiness and LOVE!

Suzi Salina is the first start out and the brightest! Some people call her the North Star, but we know a secret. It is really our Suzi Salina, who finally found something important to do. Shining there in the night sky, she is looked to by all to guide the pathway home! And best of all, children call her the Wishing Star…

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!”

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5 thoughts on “Stories from Childhood

  1. peggy mccafferty says:

    Thank you for remembering and sharing — such a treasure! Your Dad is continuously with you — supporting your flight into your dreams of fulfillment. Lots of Love Now and Always.

  2. aroomazainab says:

    This is really sweet 🙂

  3. livvy1234 says:

    oh, this is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your dad with us.

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