Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Purple became one of my favorite colors a couple of years ago. So much so that I painted my bedroom a bold, sassy “Shy Violet”.  I think it pairs well with dark chocolate, espresso browns and chartreuse. Since I’ve moved, what remains is the most lush aubergine duvet and a few rich velvet throw pillows in deep shades of this regal and religious color (the crown chakra is violet and is the highest state of awareness, bliss). My favorite little pillow of all is this one made by my son in his middle-school home-economics class…



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. livvy1234 says:

    I have a beautiful deep purple quartz rock I got from a Reiki teacher. I love my purple rock. I find I am bringing more purple clothing and accessories into my wardrobe nowadays.

  2. Madhu says:

    Can imagine how precious that must be Sahbina!

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  4. Peggy McC says:

    Precious memory! Mom

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