One of my all time favorite poems…

GYA today

October is national poetry month in Great Britain. Other countries celebrate in different months. Let’s share this one throughout the world with a whimsical poem from an American poet who lost his life in France during World War I.

Join me, please, in celebrating harmony …in poets, people, and countries.



graphic credit: unknown

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Madhu says:

    That poem is such a treasure! Thank you for giving us a chance to reread it Sahbina.

  2. Bella says:

    Sahbinah, not only is this the perfect poem to introduce us to Poetry Month, it’s also quite fitting with the fall season already making itself at home on Planet Earth!

  3. Peggy McCafferty says:

    The poem brings back memories of learning to recite poems in grammar school. Their beauty lingers on…

  4. I drove past a tree today whose leaves were so bright yellow against the sky they were glowing. Our fall usually doesn’t kick in until mid November, so it was beautiful to see. Your poem is very timely!

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