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GYA today

Help start a WONDERFUL new tradition. Tuesday, November 27 is Giving Tuesday. There are so many ways to participate. We each can participate big, little, or in between.

Thank you, and please be a part of the solution by spreading the word.

Feel free to re-blog, re-post, copy and paste, press it, re-tweet, like, pin-it, +1, share it, dig it, stumble it, or use any other method you prefer. The more exposure Giving Tuesday gets, the better our world will be.

Please take a look at their web and browse their pages and blog to learn more.
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The Other Woman

My son has a new girl in his life.

Ever since he moved in with his dad full-time and started College, my man-child has been slowly transforming into this better dressed, more well-groomed young man than he had been in his Senior year of high school (really at any time during his high school years; he really seemed not to care one iota).

At first I thought, “Aha! A female influence different from mom is suddenly starting to show up on his radar.” But, as it turns out, it’s a female influence of an utterly different sort. And it is so WONDERFUL!


Everyone, meet Bonnie…


My son found her at the Animal Rescue. Just 4 months old, she had been found wandering around with another puppy that the folks at the shelter named Clyde (as in Bonnie and Clyde). She’s a dachshund mix, they think; all nine pounds of her.

She’s living up to her namesake, as she’s quite the shoe thief. And a toy thief too. His cousin’s dog is living with them (along with his cousin who is attending grad school in the area) and she is fond of taking all his doggie toys and piling them under the dining table (evidently with all of the shoes).

He’s madly in love. So am I.