Cultivating Peace

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Columbine Trail, Lake Chabot

Most Saturday mornings find me running at the lake near my home. It’s a difficult, 9-mile run with terrain that changes from flat to 30% slopes and back again through scenery that will catch your breath. Parts of the trail are so narrow that a distracted mind is a footfall down steep gorges; you have to mind the three R’s: Roots, Rocks, and Ruts.

And it’s perfect for me…

This is the last run of the week for which the reward is a long tub soak and a day off for yoga on Sunday. It’s here that I cultivate peace; in my mind, my body and my spirit (ok yoga does that too, but not as much as this run). It’s here that I am able to observe the restrictions and obstacles I’ve been facing without fighting or judging and just breathe into it; work to my edge and focus on letting go. In the midst of this challenge I learn to be attentive, patient and focused; this brings me serenity, peace, solace, redemption.

Renewed, I can go out into the world with my perspective reframed, recommitted to my intentions and able to be the charm in other people’s days and an ambassador of peace.

How are you cultivating peace?


7 thoughts on “Cultivating Peace

  1. Kavi says:

    Hey Sahbinah…haven’t seen a post from you in a while..hope all’s well with ya 🙂 Take care & God bless

  2. Madhu says:

    Wish I had a trail as lovely to run in. Lovely post Sahbinah. Just dropped by to check if all was well with you 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Madhu. I really love this lakeside trail; it’s a treasured place to run. I’ve been away from my blog for so long. A new work project is keeping me way too busy and I’ve moved again (should write about it). I’m now inhabiting a lovely, fairy-tale cottage whose plaque over the red French doors reads “Little Picasso Studio”. Take care.

  3. Rufina says:

    Hi Sahbina! I have been a “beginner” runner for over 10 years. Same with yoga. Here is a post you might enjoy, on how I have recently been cultivating my own peace…
    Another way I find peace is by reading poetry…:)

  4. I’m about to set out for my weekly trail run. I find running trails to be incredibly meditative. Love this post!

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